Some say the Internet is a scary place. Well...they're right! Check out these scary links and see for yourself! There are various eccentric, amusing and savory ideas listed below. Enjoy yourself as you search through these links. Maybe you’ll be inspired for our Memphis Inspired Costume and Party Idea Contest.

Wicked Websites

Shop Elvis is a great place to start on your way to creating a glamorous Memphis Inspired Halloween costume.

Halloween Magazine offers terrifying tips to make this Halloween lots of fun. You will find interesting ideas for pet costumes and tasty uses for jack-o-lantern leftovers.

Buy Costumes Looking for a costume? This is your one-stop shop on the Net.

Sinister Fonts is a great place to go to download hard to find creative fonts like "Ghastly Panic" and "Gypsy Curse."

HorrorMovies.Ca is a great resource for your Halloween movie night.

Ravenous Recipes

Hershey's Trick or Treats offers recipes for a wide array of cakes, breads, cookies, brownies, candies and other yummy treats. These tasty Halloween party foods are sure to be a scream!

Wanda's Halloween Cookbook has many tasty treats for your Halloween party or event.

Halloween Fabulous Foods like a Spider Web Dip Platter and a Hairball Salad with Saliva Dressing, among other creepy cuisines can be found at this site.

Vampire Vineyards has the perfect “Red” for your scrumptious Halloween party foods.

Freaky Family Fun

Ben & Jerry's brings you Halloween crafts, desktop designs and wallpapers, a flavor graveyard, creepy clip art, and terrific online games.

Knott's Scary Farm brought to you by Knott's Berry Farm promotes a full line of fun and spooky things to do with your family this Halloween season.

Friday Zone offers fun family Halloween game ideas as well as snacks and trick-or-treat safety. There are great Halloween party ideas for teenagers, games and safety tips for children.

Amazing Moms can think of some pretty amazing things to do with the kids for Halloween. You could find a great recipe to pair with your super fun Memphis Inspired Halloween party idea for your teenagers.

Gruesome Greetings

Blue Mountain Arts features greeting cards and greeting card games for your enjoyment.

Jack O' Lantern Greeting Cards is definitely for the pumpkin lovers.

Greetings Unlimited features very cute Halloween cards for your loved ones.

Halloween Greeting Cards features some of the best interactive spooky greeting cards as well as props, spooky customs, and more.

Spooky Sites

"Anomalies" is a database of all things paranormal - ghosts, UFOs, and other strange happenings.

Bats Leather-winged creatures of the night unite!

Poe Museum leads you through the Edgar Allen Poe Museum in Richmond, VA and provides a selection of Poe's works and a timeline of his life.

Spooky Sites is a database of the best in spooky literature, movies, poetry, music, etc.