Here are a few tips and Halloween makeup techniques to help you bring your makeup and creative Halloween costume ideas to life with terrifying ease! You may want to incorporate these ghastly face and body treatments in your Memphis Inspired Costume or Party Idea for this year's "Inspired By" contest.


Plan ahead. Don't start making your costume and makeup plans the night before Halloween. Do some advance planning and get all the materials, props, costume and makeup items you'll need for your creative Halloween costume ideas ahead of time. If you wait too long, what you need or want may not be available.

Take your time. When Halloween finally does come around, start your preparations early in the day. Set all your materials and makeup out to make sure you have everything you'll need. Give yourself time for a last minute trip to the store.

Getting Started

You've got everything you need, and it's time to get ready. So what do you do first?

  1. Decide if you should put your makeup on before or after getting in costume. If your costume is one that can easily be put on without touching your face and messing up your makeup, go ahead and do your makeup first. It's easier to put makeup on when you are not in costume because you don't have to worry about messing up your costume. HOWEVER, if your costume is going to be difficult to put on, go ahead and get into it before putting on your makeup. Simply drape a towel around your neck to protect your costume from makeup splatters and drips. This way you can do a great job on your makeup and not accidentally mess it up while putting on your costume.
  2. Get your hair out of the way. Now that you are ready to begin with the makeup, secure a scarf around your head so that all your hair is covered. This will keep your face makeup out of your hair, prevent your hair from messing up your makeup and will give you a clear view of your whole face.
  3. Be thoughtful. Use a couple of mirrors (one on either side) to study your face. Take a moment to imagine the makeup on your face before applying it. Taking a little time to mentally plan how you're going to put on your makeup can help prevent frustrating mistakes and may give you some new ideas.
  4. Have fun! Nothing is too strange for Halloween, so be creative! If you decide at the last minute that you want to try something wild, go for it! If it doesn't work out, you've (hopefully) started early and will have time to clean up and go back to the original plan.

Some Makeup Tips - Old and New Halloween Makeup Techniques

Old As The Hills - When trying to look old, don't just draw dark lines on your skin to look like wrinkles. First cover the skin in a lighter than normal color using baby powder or white blemish cover stick. Then draw the dark lines and slightly blend them to the surrounding area with your finger. Then add baby powder to give the skin that old, dry look. You can also use the baby powder in your hair to get that gray look.

Get Bit - If you want to be a Vampire, first cover face in white powder makeup or white blemish cover stick. Outline sharp eyebrows, and then fill in with black makeup. Draw lines on the face with reddish-brown makeup, and blur the edges a bit. Outline the eyes and draw a line up about an inch from the outside edge of the eye. Drip fake blood from the edges of the mouth. (see below for details on making fake blood) Comb hair into a point in the middle of the forehead. Use fake teeth to complete the transformation.

Which is Witch? - To look like a witch, follow these Halloween makeup techniques. Cover the face in green or white powder makeup or white blemish cover stick. With a black makeup stick, draw lines in a "V" in the middle of the forehead and create some lines around the mouth. Draw lines on the hands with an eyeliner pen; almost follow the veins to make the hands look old. Tease and spray hair with a super stick hairspray. Place in a few plastic bugs.

So… You Lost A Fight? - To get that recently punched look you will need to defiantly plan in advance and you will need some not entirely easy to find tools. Modeling Wax and Spirit Gum are required to undertake this look. Place a thin layer of the Spirit Gum on the area of your face to appear bruised. Then take the Modeling Wax and shaped it into the desired size and apply to the Spirit Gum. Blend the edges into your skin until they are flat and the wax appears to be part of your skin. Once the edges are blended, clear your face of excess wax and gum using your finger tips and a tiny bit of cleansing cream. Next, use a base or makeup foundation to blend your new bruise into your skin color or with a purplish color to make it more realistic. If you’d like to kick it up a notch, carve a small circle into your bruise and apply fake blood or a gooey green substance so it can fester.

Some Costume Ideas - Creative Halloween Costume Ideas

Pair O' Dice Lost - Put a couple in a two cubical cardboard boxes painted white with black dots. Have them carrying a road map.

I Paint, Therefore I Am - Think of a spooky painting with a person in it, such as Munch's "Scream." Paint the picture on a big cardboard box and cut out a hole where the face goes. Put YOUR face in it, and you're in the painting. To finish out this costume, you'd want to scream like crazy! You can do this with any painting, like the "Mona Lisa" or "American Gothic."

Twist Me Around To Figure Me Out - A cool idea for wheel chair users or anyone is going as a Rubics Cube. To do this you’ll need a large cardboard box, five colors of contact or construction paper, and black electrical tape. Apply the colors to the cardboard and use the electrical tape to boarder each set of colors, like the lines on the Rubics Cube. Use a spray paint glaze to give it a shiny new look or use brown and black markers at the corners to give it a worn and old look. You can even remove some of the “stickers” to imply cheating.

Rutt Roe, Raggy! - For an easy costume, go as any character from Scooby Doo. (except maybe Scooby himself!) You'll most likely find all the clothes you'll need at the local Salvation Army or used clothing store.

Who you calling chicken? - A quick way to become a chicken for Halloween involves orange leggings and flip flops, a really big sweat shirt (at least double your size) and lots of white and yellow feathered boas. Glue the boas to the sweatshirt using the white boas on the outside and the yellow boas in the front middle of the costume. Leave enough of the white feathered boas to make a hat or head covering and BAM! You’re Chicken Little.

Some Specifics - The devils in the details

For scars and sores: Combine pink or green face tissue with corn syrup.

For facial hair: Use the hair from an old stuffed toy or hairbrush and attach with double stick tape or fake eyelash adhesive.

For blood: Combine red food color and corn syrup. After dripping the blood where you want it to be, don't let the edges of the blood smear. Give the fake blood plenty of time to dry and be mindful not to wipe your face later on in the evening!

For blood and gore: Use red food color, corn syrup and chunky peanut butter.

More Costume And Makeup Ideas

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